Meet the team at BRS Ltd

Managing Director and Owner

Ross is the owner of BRS and the Managing Director. He meets new clients, completes initial consultations, does pricing, quality control, trouble shooting and teaches specialist restoration techniques when needed.

As a Licensed Building Practitioner with almost 20 years of building experience he has rare skills used in heritage restoration and preservation with an excellent eye for detail.

His past interests include cars and motorbikes and currently enjoys spending time with his family, fishing and diving in between his busy schedule.


Karen is the co owner of BRS, Karen helps with office tasks and staff management as needed since handing over the day to day office work to Jo since the arrival of baby number 3.

As a qualified Occupational Therapist, with experience in retuning people to work post injury Karen comes with a variety of skills for managing office staff and systems.

Past interests have included riding a motorbike and dancing salsa or ceroc. She hopes to return to these activities when her children are a little older. On the weekend or when Karen finds time for herself she likes to catch up with friends for a drink and a chat.

Jo (2)
Office Manager

Jo has been with the team for 2 years, Jo’s tasks include accounts, wages, customer services, and handling anything else that comes her way. Jo has worked in the construction industry for 7 years and has great office skills.

Over the weekend Jo likes to wind down by indulging in her various hobbies horror acting, karaoke singing, spoken word poetry, armchair philosophy, pseudo-intellectualism and Muay Thai. Her favourite food is Italian


Project Manager

he has been with the team since 2014 Juan has experience in project managing residential and commercial builds including an airplane hangar. Jauns main tasks involve pricing work, supporting the foreman, organising our builders and the sub trades, liaising with clients and anything else Ross needs him to do. On the weekend Juan likes to spend his time flying aeroplanes and restoring cars. . His favourite food after a hard day’s work is Steak rare with brandy and green pepper corn sauce.


Colin’s been part of the team since 2011he is the master of it all from the ground up he has helped us on many projects including Clonbern road with the indoor swimming pool and tennis court

On the weekends, you’ll find Colin fishing and hanging out with his little granddaughter.

Preferred meal after a hard day’s work – a good bbq steak – medium rare…


Doug’s been with our team since 2013, he is the master of planning ahead and keeping everyone up to date, he has helped us on many projects big and small. In the weekend Doug loves to go out fishing, hunting, or just all around being manly fixing up things around the house and hanging out with the grandkids. His favourite food after a hard days work is venison.

Specialist Builder

Kevin has been part of the team 2011 he is a craftsmen with a huge range of skills many builders don’t have and has helped on projects like St Matthews church and other heritage buildings using his refined finishing skills. On the weekends Kevin loves to watch movies go fishing and travel if there’s any-time away from helping us build. He has a very keen interest in all fascinating information he can get his hands on. After a hard day’s work Kevin likes to relax with a cold beer and his favourite food oven roast vegetables, pesto and pasta.

Qualified Builder

Glen has been with us since 2012 he is a great all rounder and fits in on any project  and has helped us on Clonbern road Remuera and nearly every other project since 2012. On the weekend Glen loves to go out fishing, hunting and has a keen interest in motorbikes and cars. After a hard day’s work glen loves to relax and enjoy a good hearty kiwi steak.

Qualified Builder

Joseph has been with our team since 2013 he is a great all rounder fitting in to any roll and doing his best work 100% of the time. He has helped us on some great projects including Third Ave villa extension, Clonbern Road major renovation . On the weekend Joseph loves to keep up with his fitness ride his motorbike and listen to music. His favourite meal after a long days work is chilli really hot chilli.

Qualified Builder

Chris has been with our team since 2014 he is  and has finished his apprenticeship with BRS and has become a valued member of our team. Chris has helped us on Third Ave Kings Land villa extension becoming a foreman on that job, Clonbern road and a number of smaller projects.

On the weekend Chris loves to indulge in free diving and flying his RC helicopters. After a hard days work his favourite food is a good old kiwi BBQ.

3rd Year Apprentice

He has been with our team since 2013 he has gained the necessary skills to become a good builder and has nearly finished his apprenticeship and has helped us on clonbern road Remuera and Third Ave Kings Land. On the weekend Paddy likes hanging out socialising with his mates on the beach and just relaxing. After a hard day’s work Paddys favourite food is bbq chicken and bbq salads.

New Apprentice

Nick started his apprentice with us early 2015  he has already got some skill and is learning fast. On the weekend Nicks busy with his cars and eating out with his friends. After a hard days work Nick enjoys eating everything as he builds quiet an appetite.