Ross Collins

Director and Owner of BRS Ltd

Why he’s passionate about building homes

I grew up in a small town called Waihi in the north island, growing up I was always around builders, my father was a builder and my best friend’s father was a builder, I would make my weekly pocket money by helping them out doing odd jobs and picking up basic building skills along the way.

That’s when my passion for building really ignited and I realized that building was in my blood and I was destined to become a builder.  

However my first real job was as a Baker…. I know Baker to Builder quite a weird combination isn’t it, although at the start I loved being a baker, It slowly spiraled down, as being a baker just made me realize that the cold starts on a winter morning in Taupo was not the ideal situation anybody would like to be in. I could barely see the road riding my bike to work in the mornings, until cat eyes were invented, till this day I have no idea how I survived those bike rides.

Sharing a beer with my mentor Graham

Along the way to my success as a builder, I got distracted with my second passion in life which was fast cars and bikes, I was just a True Kiwi at heart who was an overall motor head.

My passion in bikes and cars influenced me into investing in a panel beating company, which went great for years, however I sold it after six years so I could go travelling in England, BOY! Was that the best time of my life. There is no shortage of cliché-ridden ideas about England, from double-decker buses, thatched cottages and country houses, village pubs and cream teas, eccentric aristocrats and cold, grey and rainy weather I got to see it all.

It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, as I got to visit some of the most exquisite places for e.g Stonehenge which is among the most important prehistoric sites in the world, apparently the large stones were erected as far as 2500 BC. The 150 year old Big Ben Clock Tower I learnt, that the name Big Ben actually refers not to the clock tower itself, but to the 13 ton bell housed within the tower which takes its name from the man who first ordered the bell, Sir Benjamin Hall.

 I also got to visit the Cotswolds, which refers to a range of gentle hills, which reminded me of home due to its pictureristic layout. Seeing that really made me home sick and I decided that it was time to head back home.

On my return I realized that I had put off being a builder far too long, and joined my friend’s father, Graham, who at the time owned one of the most valued building companies in Auckland. Graham was absolutely instrumental in teaching me most of the specialist skills that I have mastered today. 

Graham skills is such that trained in the U.K he has a sound understanding of how to use traditional skills with modern tools. His skills were second to none and we were given the opportunity to work on many prestigious builds like the Auckland Museum and several old church's including St Patrick’s, St Benedicts and St Mathews. While working for Graham  I completed my BCITO apprenticeship and worked closely with Graham fine tuning my skills to perfection and refining my techniques to be the master craftsman I am today.

Finally after 10 years of being just a builder, with Grahams blessing I left the company to start up my own. With all the experience and skills I had mastered along the way, I became a licensed practitioner and opened up the doors to BRS Ltd. Starting small first with one employee in 2010 till now, where BRS Ltd employs over 20 highly trained experts who have had years’ worth of experience working in the building industry.

With my careful attention to detail, trusted client interaction and significant word of mouth from satisfied clients, we were able to excel and grow. Specialising in renovating Bungalows and Villas, to building major new home builds.

The expert skills learned with graham has made me produce some of my finest work to date, giving me 100% confidence when I say we are the right builders for you



Fishing on the Hauraki Gulf
Diving in the Coromandel
Fishing cruise on the Hauraki Golf



Lovely Children
My three young kids


Outside of work I love fishing & diving, that is if I am not kept busy with my three young children.