From Concept to Completion House building ideas

So you’ve made the decision to renovate but you don’t know where to start? Allow us to take all the stress and hassle of getting resource consent, identifying height-to-boundary issues, dealing with the council, architects and organising the right experts to ensure that what YOU want becomes a reality.

BRS - house building ideas can light your way from the first spark of inspiration to the final streak of paint...


You can arrange a free inspection with us where we can pick up what will be required for your project, identify key experts who would be required for your Council Consent and steer you in the right direction to getting your project underway. Our experience and expertise allows us to quickly identify potential planning difficulties and manage them before they become a problem.

As part of your project, we can also manage all council issues and resource consents/town planning, organise topographical surveys and ensure you get the very best information at the start to smooth the way into your renovation. Let us manage the consent process for you and drive the project forward on your behalf. As part of our Project Management, we arrange all inspections during and at completion of the build and complete all the paperwork for your final Code of Compliance.

Concepts (House Building Ideas)

Starting off with as little as $1500+GST, our Architect can work with you to develop your concept drawings, so you can see your dreams becoming a reality. This is a no-obligation service, completely independent of any future design works or building works. We include our own recommendations for the design and build as part of our service to you. At this point we may be able to give you an indicative range of pricing for the cost of your works.

Concepts enable us to gain a clear understanding about the works required to achieve your goals, they also assist in communicating your requirements and allow you to first glimpse the look and feel of your new home.


At every stage of your project, we aim to bring you the best quality of workmanship by our skilled and experienced experts. The design phase is no different to any other in that we get you the very best out of your space by collaborating with our Architect to deliver practical, beautiful designs to compliment and accentuate your home, and to get you exactly what you want from your design and build.

Although there are many benefits in choosing a builder who has been involved in the early planning process of a renovation, agreeing to a design quote and having BRS Ltd organise your consents and design does not obligate you in any way to award us your building project. This is an independent service that we provide in order to give you the opportunity to have your project handled from start to finish by our experts, but this does not obligate you to do so.

Design work is individually quoted as a fixed quote, based on your concept drawings. At the same time, we can give you a fixed quote to get your design through Council with all required consents, surveys, engineering and approvals. Our experience with Council requirements and processes allows us to ensure your design will become a reality.

Project Management

Our Project Manager will work with you to achieve your goals, and you can communicate directly to them on all aspects of your project. We direct your project from this single point of contact, so that you don’t have to worry about dealing with anyone else on your site. We organise and plan your build from start to finish, and your Project Manager will be with you from your first site assessment through to your last walkthrough – providing guidance, advice, support, organising your subcontractors and materials, communicating specific choices on your behalf, and ensuring that every last detail of your project is completed to your satisfaction. Your Project Manager will be your greatest building partner, taking on your project as if it is their own and ensuring that your vision is communicated effectively to all the people we have working on your behalf.

Our Quotes and Contracts

Our quotes are thorough, well documented, fixed price quotes. This is why we wait until your plans are consented to present a formal quote for building your project. We endeavour to take all the stress and guess-work out of your project by ensuring that we quote from good, complete information, which gives you the security and peace of mind of knowing what your costs will be.

Our contracts are derived from the recommendations made by Certified Builders, which gives you the peace of mind that the contracts are both fair and thorough, providing protections for both us and our clients. As Certified Builders, we offer a 10 year Residential Guarantee for all projects which exceed $30,000.


Sometimes, you might decide to make changes to your fixed quote or contract for any number of reasons, and for this purpose we allow variations to our contract. If you require a variation to your contract, we will advise you as soon as possible and up-front what your costs or credits are going to be, and we will not proceed with a variation until you have been appraised of the pertinent information and agree. You will know at all stages of the build where you sit financially, and there should be no hidden surprises in your billing.

Why Design AND Build with BRS Ltd?

One of the great benefits of having your builder working alongside your Architect is that practicality, pragmatism and artistry are combined at the very first step of your build. It is at this stage where key decisions can be made regarding balancing budgeting with form and function as partners in the building project. We work to create plans that will ensure consent and still get you what you want out of your design, so your entire build from the very beginning flows towards your desired outcomes.

We begin by getting a copy of your current Council Property File from you, and then do a walkthrough of your home, while we discuss your ideas and the current issues you want to resolve with your existing home. We have significant experience with the process of marrying older properties to their new face and space seamlessly, and can advise on options and solutions at this early stage, helping you to make the very best decisions at the beginning of your project. More often than not, our Architect is involved at this stage of the project to get a good feel for your style, wants and requirements – as well as the existing property we will be working with.

This all lays the groundwork for a seamless build or renovation. By knowing your property thoroughly from the very start, it gives us an opportunity to get the very best from your ideas and offer our sound advice and expertise to ensure that you are aware of the options your space allows while anticipating and resolving potential issues before they become an issue on site. We have the experience and knowledge to deal with your build from start to finish - and offer you a single point of contact for from your first site visit to your last walk through.

Getting the most out of the Design Process

It always helps if you have thought about a few things before we start our walkthrough of the property. This doesn’t mean you have to have made up your mind exactly what you want, but a few parameters always helps with the start of the build process.

A few questions to consider for your build or renovation:

  • Why do I want to renovate or build? Do I need more space, has the property become dated, do I want to restore a building to its former glory, is the setup of the property inefficient?
  • Do I want open plan or private spaces and formal room structure?
  • How long do I intend to keep living in this home? What might change over that time?
  • What is the current structure of my family, and what might it be in 10 years? Are you just starting a family and need room to grow? Will the kids be leaving home?
  • Will the in-laws be moving in?
  • How many bedrooms and bathrooms do I need?
  • What is my storage like currently and how much do I need?
  • Take into consideration your neighbourhood and neighbours as well. What level of privacy do you need? What sorts of homes are in your area and what types of materials are being used?
  • How do you see your back yard and street frontage showing your style?
  • Do I have a special “look” that I really love and want to stamp on my home?

All of these questions and many more determine the quality and integrity of your design brief. If you’re not sure, we are here to help and guide you to get the absolute best out of your project.

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