Common questions from clients

At what point do I choose my builders?

This can vary a lot, someone like you might already have a plan and design of what you would like built in place Or you might want to have professional expertise of a builder from the very start, which would be a very good idea for you, with new builds, there tends to be complications and important details that only a certified builder like BRS Ltd can spot from years of experience. This can essentially in the long run help you from keeping your build on time and within your budget. By letting the team at BRS ltd help you from the start, they will help you step by step till the completion of your project, you are guaranteed a smooth running build.

Will I need a building consent?

Majority of building work you do from new build to renovations requires consent each stage. Whether it be structural, roofing or even moving services, they will all require you to obtain consent. Therefore it would be very vital for you to involve BRS Ltd from the very start, as we can then guide you in the right path, as we have detailed knowledge of the building industry that we have grasped over the years and can therefore educate you on what consents you would be needing, whether for renovation or your new build.

Will I have to lodge the building consent myself?

Certainly not as mentioned before, our team is proficient enough and experienced when it comes to consents and so forth and we will take care of lodging the application on your behalf. We try and make the experience the most enjoyable and stress free we can for you, so you can sit back and relax and watch your build take shape. Adding to that all our paper work is combined and handed to you, at the start, so that you can sign and hand it back. The BRS Ltd team will then hand your consent in for council approval, making it that much easier for you without having to even lift a finger….well just to sign.

What is the benefit of choosing an LBP?

Work involving the building structure, weather tightness, and design or fire safety systems all require to be completed by a licensed building practitioner. So the benefit is for you, as all of the critical work we will do either for your new build or renovation, you will be covered by our LBPlicense. Also the LBP license gives you the added assurance that BRS Ltd only employ experienced and experts in their field, as each of staff have their LBP license which guarantees your build to be done professionally.

Do I get a guarantee?

YES! BRS Ltd will give you a 287 Point Quality Assurance Checklist so even the smallest details of home construction are checked, ensuring your home is built to the highest quality.. We will also give you a 12 month maintenance period guaranteed, with a guaranteed call back within 72 hours during the maintenance period if anything is wrong. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call us, one of our friendly office staff will get on to whatever you have an issue with, either by calling me directly or the project manager in charge of your build.

How can I keep my project within our budget?

The only way you can guarantee this is if you enter your build with a full contract. This will give you a fixed price estimate, we will discuss all the prime cost sums and work out if you are likely to spend more on variables e.g. kitchen tiles, carpets etc. Also best to keep in mind that there are some extra costs to the home owner that are not included in a quote such as: Kitchen appliances, curtains and blinds, garden landscapes, these items can add up quickly, but do not stress out to much we will help you with our budgeting tool so you can manage all these additional costs.

What insurance does BRS carry?

If you are building, renovating or altering your home, you need to have sufficient insurance to ensure that your investment is covered. At BRS we either will take out a ‘Public liability’ insurance also known as General Liability, Public Liability (PL) provides protection against liability for accidental property damage or personal injury resulting from our business activities. The policy will also cover the cost of defending claims in court, as well as investigations or negotiations that may be required if something terrible does go wrong. Another option is a contractors all risk insurance,whilst your contractual work is in progress you could incur financial loss for example, a boiler you have fitted could be stolen and until the contract is completed you would be responsible for its replacement.In addition, if you are part way through building a new structure and it catches fire, you could be responsible for reinstating all your works (labour and materials) at your own cost, therefore we will discuss the best insurance option with you to protect your existing property from any kind of liability or damage.

Paying for the building project- How does it work?

Payment options depend on the type of contract you choose. With a full contract you only make payments to one company, with payments made either fortnightly or at set milestones. When you receive your contract from BRS we will provide you with a payment schedule and also a project schedule which will give you an overview of what to expect with your build and then we will provide you with a full contract with a agreed upon quote.

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