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Are you having SLEEPLESS nights thinking about everything that could go WRONG with your new build?      

Thinking about building your new dream home
  • Are you stuck! And have no idea where to start?

  • Are you worried about going over your budget?

  • Are you worried about insurance cover with your new build?

  • Are you worried about not being able to pick the right builder?

Don't worry... BRS Ltd are here to help!!

We specialise in exceeding client expectations and making sure all your build concerns have been met and resolved the right way. This SAVES you TIME & MONEY and ensures that you stay within your BUDGET! 

Check out some of our success stories to see how it easy a new home build in Auckland can be with BRS Ltd.



At BRS Ltd we understand how scary taking on a new build can be, we understand the amount of pressure you would be under. This easily is one of the biggest financial investments you would undertake in your lifetime. Therefore making sure everything runs smoothly from start of just drawing up your build onto paper, down to the finish of installing the last door knob, is what we do best.

Modern kitchen finish

Over time a lot has changed in regards to building a New Home, however what hasn’t changed is BRS’s commitment in delivering you an exceptional build, which will exceed your expectations. BRS will provide you with expert advice on all aspects of your new build from, where you would like to install your kitchen, to how big you want your master bedroom to be, we will guide you in the right direction through the whole process.

One of the crucial aspects of your new build is finding a building company that can deliver on your vision that you draw up on paper. Therefore at BRS Ltd we provide you with a list of architects to choose from so you can map out your ideas.

If you have any existing plans already drawn up with your own architect, GREAT! we can work around your drawings by getting in touch with your architect, and starting the process of your New Build straight away without wasting anymore of your valuable time.

In addition to your new build we understand how overwhelming it can be during the decision making process, from what size doors you would like fit in, too what type of cupboards you would like e.g. sliding ones that give you more space or the type that open up towards you, minimizing the space you have but adding to the design of the room and making it look more attractive.

Director- Ross Collins

Ross will help you in all your decisions, giving you valuable feedback from years of experience in the building industry. This will help you get a better understanding of your build so that you can put your best foot forward. 

Also using our 287 pt quality assurance checklist, will ensure that your project is completed on time and within your budget. It will also ensure that there is no hidden costs and no time wasted on things that need fixing which could have been foreseen form the start of your build.We will also provide you with a comprehensive fixed price quote and full timeline of the build, which will be designed personally just for you build. This will be managed by one of BRS’s highly skilled project managers making sure that nothing gets missed and that there is absolute free flowing communication from our end to yours.

Also we will make sure you are up to date with on-site progress, from the start of building your structure too laying down your drainage system, everything will be mapped out for you so that any hurdles you might face, will be brought to your attention prior to it happening. There is full transparency in the build so you don’t have any sleepless nights thinking about what might go wrong. We will also have weekly on- sight meetings to discuss anything, from how well your build is going, to any unexpected building costs that might occur.

BRS team preparing to work on a New Build

Lastly our tenders are broken down into specific cost centers with every detail explained to you in an easy to read format. This will give you a true reflection of the job costs, so you can work them into your budget and also allow you to have a clear idea of what to expect. Along with additional costs of other variables within your build for e.g. plumbing fixtures, floor coverings etc. All these details will be mapped out for you, which will allow you more freedom to either upgrade or downgrade your variables to suit your budget.



Check out our 'how we work with you page' to get an in depth account of exactly what we offer when we build with you including information about time frames, budget and the other key aspects of your build. So get the ball rolling and CALL US TODAY  to get your free consultation.




The sooner you get started, the sooner you can open up your doors to your new dream home...






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