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Then choose BRS Ltd to take the stress & hassle out of your home renovation or extension project in Auckland

 The most common questions people have when starting home renovations or extensions are: 

  • Where to begin?

  • Who to contact?

  • Who can I trust?

  • What consents you would need for your new renovation?

  • Would the renovation be done within your budget?

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Completed extension on deck with Brazilian Mahogany finish wood, to bring out the classic feature of this old restored Villa.


All your questions are answered with BRS Ltd. The high level of workmanship by their team of qualified, professional builders ensures that they get the job done the right way and within your budget. 

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You can be sure that your next renovation will be done hassle free, you won’t even have to lift a finger.

Our main goal is to exceed your expectations and produce the best results in the building industry even when under pressure.  We will work with you side by side from the start of breaking down the first wall to the very last touches of the paint brush. Having over 223 years of combined experience we have worked on small renovations involving extending back yard decks, to the bigger more extensive projects like additions to old villas and bungalows which we specialize in.


Extension of kitchen along with great indoor/outdoor flow
Extension of front deck – has a flawless modern indoor to outdoor flow

Recently we extended the kitchen for a lovely young couple in Parnell, who wanted a more modern finish to their villa. It was a small renovation, as the clients wanted stainless steel finishes and Mexican rosewood flooring covers for the kitchen.However a lot of detail went into this renovation because we had to be accurate in achieving the exact look that our clients wanted. The whole renovation had to be built with the added pressure of time, as the clients needed it done within two weeks.


However by having a well systematized plan, and experienced builders who have worked under time constraints before, we managed to pull through and stay within the time frame and budget. 


We have also worked on bigger more extensive renovation projects, like the two story bungalow in Remuera. For this project we had to completely extend the house for a client as they needed extra space for their growing family. So we broke down the side of the house adjacent to the living room in hopes of extending it wider, to create a whole new bedroom. However once we did, we realized that the retaining wall was completely damaged so we stopped work straight away and put in consents to the council.

Generally you need a building consent if any changes are being made that makes your build go over a certain height limit and since the retaining wall was over the legal limit of 1.5m, we had to lod

Addition of north facing open plan kitchen, dining and lounge

ge the consent to the council. This hiccup held us back a

couple of weeks as we had to wait on paper work from council to come through. However we still managed to deliver on time, as we kept working on finalizing the rest of the build which put us back in schedule before the paper work arrived.


We know how tiresome and costly renovations can be, therefore the Guaranteed benefits of renovating with us are:

GUARANTEED fixed price contracts so your project is on time and within your budget.

If this does not happen, any additional costs incurred due to issues that are not related to the property e.g. builders working slowly, work site accidents will be fully covered by us and you would not have to pay an extra cent.

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GUARANTEED construction manager to oversee the time frame of each project and manage quality control.

If this does not happen and for any reason, if the manager decides to leave the job half finished. Ross will make sure either him or another exceptionally experienced construction manager will oversee the team to get the results that you are looking for on time and without any added costs for you

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GUARANTEED extended 12 month warranty

This is mostly for the comfort and peace of your mind, just to show that we at BRS Ltd stand by our work and our clients. So if anything goes wrong or you are not satisfied completely we will come and revise a plan to get the issue resolved, meeting your expectations and standing by our motto to present work at the highest standards.

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Lastly you are always in the know:

You will always be involved in the important decisions, while we deal with all the small stresses that come with building. We will make sure we provide you with a personalized time schedule of your renovation, which will give you a step by step plan for what to expect. This gives you the opportunity to manage your budget and see that it is being well spent so that you are getting maximum value for your money. We will also give you progress reports of what to expect or any hurdles we might face in the upcoming weeks in regards to variations and so forth keeping your whole built transparent with know hidden costs.

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