Victoria Avenue

We originally met Andrew when he called us to do some very small maintenance work around this beautiful home, built more than 100 years ago. Andrew later decided he wanted to do a bathroom renovation and some small alterations, and we were happy to oblige him. In order to maintain coherence with this grand home, very specific skills and products were required.


We removed some walls to make a new ensuite and powder room
Had to build new walls and repair the floors to match the existing interior
The fit out of the ensuite and powder room had to be to exact: in order to match         the panelling that we couldn’t restore, we needed to create new panels in the            exact style, with care and precision
  Due to the older nature of the home, there was also a need to upgrade a lot of             electrical work and remove the old steel plumbing pipes and replace them,                   while creating a seamless transition between the old classy style and new                     conveniences   



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